Botnet sound scary? It is. ;)

be careful of what sites you browse to, what files you download, and take caution if your windows PC starts acting funny.

This article titled "America's 10 Most wanted Botnets" shares with readers what some of the nasty things these virus/malware/blah blah blah(it's all bad stuff!) are doing. And most of these are available to purchase by the highest bidder. with only a few thousand home broadband connections just about any online retailer/store, or network can be brought to their knees. oh and sell you credit/personal information to identity thieves.

Botnet's are nothing new in the computer security realm. They have been around almost as long as there have been computers. It just took a special someone to think "I wonder what would happen if I did this?".

America's 10 Most Wanted Botnets

If you are not familiar with the term "botnet" please see wikipedia.

It's sad in a way, but it is a kind of another type of creativity. Although destructive(but creative), some of the more interesting workings and flaws of modern and old computer technology are found. In some cases flaws are found by security professionals, people aiming to protect the world from evil doers and help others. and in the not so lucky instances it's someone who doesn't care about others, or they do but are obsessed with having control, or wanting to have their own little secret. a zer0-day is born. not always shared with the world in a caring way (hey hard working Joe i'm going to borrow your SSN# and mother's maiden name ok?) these creations are injected in the internet via web sites, cracking ad servers, email, message boards, or directly on your computer (You do have a Broadband router at home, right?!).

wish I could write more now, but you get the picture. :)

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