first day back at work...vacationing is bliss

Today I'm back at work! It felt great to get some time away from the chaos but am kind of glad to be back. I really need to do the "take time off and not check email" thing more often. Makes me love my job again.

Here is a random thought I had while driving back home with the wife after visiting her mom at the tail of our vacation.
Say you saw a couple of young guys dressed down in (gag) 80's era clothes, nasty huge blue/yellow framed aviator sun glasses, checkered slip on shoes, pegged pant jeans, you know this look? with skateboards and hitch hiking.
you pull over and offer them a ride that is not out of your way and they tell you they are from 1984. What questions would you ask them to validate their time traveled claim? totally weird thought I know but what if?

now that I have that off my chest... I should get back to work. :)