geektool 3, BIND 9 vulnerability and down time...

I started using Geektool 3 a month or so ago when I caught wind of the rewrite. Yann Bizeul(the author) has significant improvements over the 2.x versions and new builds have been rolling out nightly for up to RC3(current).
As a UNIX/Linux System/Network/Security administrator for a start-up I use this tool on both laptop and monitoring box for monitoring data center temperatures, core system logs, and nagios info. Here is a screen shot of my laptop setup.

On another topic, this server was DoS'd while I was away at Defcon. Not sure if it was a BIND vulnerability, or WordPress 2.8.3 privilege escalation vulnerability. WordPress is updated and tonight the OS/Server apps will be updated, and hopefully moving to the new'ish hardware I acquired several months ago.

The new(er than this box) hardware is a dual socket (P4 erra?)2.something Xeon with a few GB of RAM, and 4 UW320 36GB SCSI disks. Yes, ancient by today's standards, but it was free. :) Ubuntu wont boot for some reason. Solaris however does. i'm going to give FreeBSD 7.2-current a try tonight and see how it goes.