I found this blog recently [ ] that contains a ton of posts that are right up my alley!
Historically, i've not been the blogger type or much of a writer but lately i've been feeling the urge to just write. I know some of that inspiration is due to the birth of my son last year. He amazes me daily!

I am currently employed as an IT liaison for a large'ish company support a growing software development team. I left my sysadmin role at Greenplum just over 1 year ago. I loved the work but got tired of the rotation of managers I had in my 2.5 years there. I had a work related injury and my last manager was two faced about my recovery.

Anyway, the blog mentioned ( ) shares many of the same interests I have. I'm going to start blogging more frequently and (hopefully) get back to my sysadmin roots.
Between becoming a home owner last year, remodeling, and my son joining the family I'm pretty busy. I hope to use my knowledge, keep my skills honed, share with others, and document it all along the way via this blog.

Yes, this is quite the tangent post but I needed to get it out!

thank you interw3b readers for listening.