Trolling the Trolls

I love The Oatmeal. The site only has self promoting ads for the Oatmeal store. The author & artist, Matt Inman, is genuinely a funny guy with a sense of humor that really is the core of man.

Some jerks at who repost other's work on their ad ridden site decided to threaten legal action if TheOatmeal didn't pay up $20,000.00. Matt being the funny and awesome guy he is decides to do a fuck-you-fund raiser instead of giving in to internet trollism. Less than 24 hours later not only did he raise the $20k target, his fans went above and beyond donating more than $114,000.00. The funds raised will go to National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society.

Check out the full blog post over at TheOatmeal.Com blog. I am looking forward to the picture of the money that will be sent to the funnyjunk trolls.