Upgrading OpenBSD 5.5 to 5.6

I will not be covering the installation of OpenBSD on the the PC Engines device today. Maybe at a later date. It wasn't that difficult after flashing the BIOS with a more recent ROM.

If you are attempting to follow this as a 'how-to' guide, please see the upgrade guide …

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HAProxy - A Free Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer

while catching up on a bit of sysadmin reading I came across this post from Matt Simmons.

When the time comes i'm going to spend some time setting up HAProxy. :)

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vSphere ESXi 4.x wows..

There is this great post over at the Lone Sysadmin answering some of the common questions cheap-o's like myself have with ESXi/vSphere.

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Troubleshooting IPSec on OpenBSD 4.5

saving a copy of this here since things on the interweb tend to disappear.

There is some very good info here specifically, I found the following hints helpful:

isakmpd -d
Start isakmpd with isakmpd -d. Isakmpd will output things like wrong file permissions and typos in the configuration file. On …

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never forget *NIX tools...

*NIX Commands. These are endlessly useful.


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useful sed one liner in bash

I was about to upload some documents to my company's wiki that someone else wrote. Upload failed! For some odd reason they chose to use a '+' instead of a space or under bar in the filename. Here is how I fixed it.

for i in `ls -1`; do 
    old=${i …

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setting up Nagios on Ubuntu 8.10 server part 1/3

Building Nagios and configure checks via NRPE on Ubuntu 8.10-Server.
Start with a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server v8.10 i386 or amd64. You can add LAMP services using the next commands

apt-get packages.
Install supporting packages for running apache+php5, postfix, build tools and libraries for compiling plugins …

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